What is Dioxin?
This article contains:
A history of dioxin
A scientific definition of dioxin and its effects
Some of the dangers of dioxin and its affects on people

Agent Orange and the Vietnam War
Monsanto in partnership with the US armed forces: Agent Orange, a weedkiller or a chemical weapon?
US Veterans Victim to Dioxin

Monsanto Brought to Justice
Monsanto constantly tried to impede the course of justice with the help of its lawyers and innumerable delaying applications, to the point where an exasperated judge once declared: “It may come to pass in this case that justice delayed is justice denied. I believe that this court should refuse to be used as a pawn in such a waste of judicial resources.”

Corrupt Research, How the Toxicity of Dioxin was Concealed
How Monsanto falsified research studies to hide the cancer-causing nature of dioxin

End of the Road for Agent Orange Victims?
HANOI - Where can Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange get justice? Probably nowhere, after the United States Supreme Court refused to hear, this month, a final appeal by Vietnamese plaintiffs against chemical giants Dow and Monsanto.

The intimidation of whistleblowers.
How Monsanto pressured the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to sack Cate Jenkins How Cate Jenkins was “given the push”

Agent Orange Vietnam Cleanup Started By U.S
The United States began a landmark project Thursday to clean up a dangerous chemical left from the defoliant Agent Orange – 50 years after American planes first sprayed it on Vietnam’s jungles to destroy enemy cover.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the Justice for Victims of Agent Orange petition
"If no change is made, no condemnation of the use of Agent Orange, no call for immediate compensation to the victims and their families, no call for the chemical companies such as Monsanto and Dow to be charged with war crimes, then the hearings will have solved nothing."